The origin of Sera Advogados dates back to 1994, when the founding partner began her legal experience in the Tutelage of Diffuse and Collective Rights with the Federal Public Ministry. From this experience in the public sector, to the legal experience of environmental practice in the private sector, under the coaching of celebrated professionals in the field, the values and principles of work that resulted in the foundation of Sera Advogados in 2006 were consolidated.

Throughout all this time, restrictions on the use of natural resources have increased, as well as severe penalties were set, which were also accompanied by an increased appreciation of best sustainability practices by companies and individuals. That is, sustainable protection of the environment has become more than mere ideology, but rather an effectively required legal obligation as well as a powerful marketing instrument.



Naoka Sera Furuiti is an attorney at law graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo ( USP ), a specialist in Environmental Law with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from the same university .

With over 20 years of experience in the legal market, she has in her professional track record important firms such as Trench, Rossi e Watanabe Advogados (associated with Baker & McKenzie International Swiss Verein), in which she was also a member of the Mergers and Acquisitions and Japan Desk teams, Tozzini Freire Advogados and Milaré Lawyers.

She also worked at the Federal Public Ministry (Diffuse and Collective Rights) and in the international area of Citibank SA, and has experience as a consular assistant at Consulate General of Japan. Service in English, Japanese and Spanish.