In 2006 , Sera Lawyers was founded, with the challenge of providing a specialized and personalized service in Environmental Law and related fields, while at the same time maintaining a global business perspective like larger law firms.

Symbolyzing the birth of the new Firm and its forthcoming blossoming to the legal world, a seed-shaped brand was created.


Throughout its history, the challenge initially proposed was surpassed, along with others which emerged during this period. With a consolidated presence in their area, SERA Advogados was no longer a germinating seed and thus, the need to adapt the brand to the new reality arose.


Unlike the original logo that focused on a single green, the new brand also matured , exploring a wider range of colors of nature and incorporated into the mosaic elements and factors that make up environmental issues.

The new brand symbolizes this new image: maturer, more flexible, more dynamic. Like the firm it represents.

“The logo reflects directly the identity of the firm and its founder. Created through SERA ideogram (世良) and its concept – inserted in a environment visual context -, the draw brought a meaning beyond “good world”, it is cultivated, developed and extended away from the company horizon. This growth happen through their goals, values and the way it relates with the world. The circle format reinforces the japanese simbology of forms and cultural elements like inkan.”